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Linkedin – What I would like to see change


I enjoy using LinkedIn, it’s a great platform, I have met some great people, and won new business from it. Here is what I would like to see change to make it even better, I’d be interested in your views too.

Invitation to Connect

1. Not everyone will agree with this but I would like to see an end to the “I don’t know” button, does anyone take the “only invite people you know” message seriously?, Who genuinely knows hundreds or thousands of people well enough?, does having a meeting mean you know them?.

Is it that difficult to tick or press X, I get irrelevant invites all the time, I click X and that’s the end of it, essentially LinkedIn is a business network and therefore the idea is to network, so being banned after 5 “I don’t know” seems counterproductive.

I appreciate the marketing director of Coca Cola may get hundreds a day, but again I don’t think it’s that hard to filter the ones they want, or perhaps a limit on how many invites you can receive a day.


2. Make me want to upgrade. The difference between free and paid LinkedIn is so small I simply don’t see the value, if you use LinkedIn regularly, you don’t need more “who viewed my profile”. Inmail is not that effective in my experience, a background on your profile is a nice add but not a winner, I barely notice if other people have one. Maybe a limit on free members on daily invites, unlimited to paid members, no “I don’t know” for paid members, I’m sure LinkedIn can come up with better ideas, I just get the feeling most people feel the same as me, not enough value to upgrade, offer as many free monthly trials as you like but I won’t upgrade as things stand.

Fake, Spam, £65m in my Account

3. Stop the spam. I have seen a massive increase in fake accounts and I know I’m not alone, it used to be a picture of an Asian women called Matthew Smith ( example ) who worked for a big bank in LA or London, so easy to spot, now they are full profiles and well presented and typically not your important people from globally recognised companies. I can understand that LinkedIn cannot deal with these until they are notified, and that’s the problem, you make a complaint, remove them so you don’t get any more messages……and that’s it, no feedback from linked, have they even dealt with it? Clearer communication is required here I think.

It’s my network, so why can’t I communicate with them easily?

4. Messages. You can only send 50 messages at a time, if they are in your network why can’t you send one message to all? You are currently better off downloading your contact list and emailing them that way, there is also no easy way to send the 50 at a time, you need to remember the 50th person , scroll down to 51 and do the process over and over again. If people don’t want to receive your message, like any other form of communication they can ask not to. Also tagging is great to sort your connections out they way you want to, yet if you export your connections they tags don’t come with them.


5. I have lot’s of connections, in the thousands, that said I often wonder how many use LinkedIn on a regular basis, is it possible to have stats on people who haven’t signed in to LinkedIn for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months? I know on other business forum sites they do this so i would imagine its not that difficult, you can then decide if its worth continuing to connect with that person.

Or just the ability to see how many people in your network are signed in at the same time as you ” You have 213 connections online now”, again other sites can do this, why not LinkedIn?


6. Some has viewed your profile!! Judging by the posts I see on Linkedin I am not the only one that is baffled by this, so someone has viewed my profile, but has chose to stay anonymous, Why? Linkedin is a business network, why are you creeping around looking at peoples profiles without them having the opportunity to see who you are. And why are Linkedin even telling you? What is the point? I would rather not know to be honest, so either make it so no one is anonymous, or stop telling us!!


You may agree with some of the above, or none of it, but this is my two pennies worth.

From similar posts I understand LinkedIn doesn’t like people speaking openly about changes so if you don’t hear from me again Ive either been banned, or rocking backwards and forwards in a cupboard being extremely paranoid that they are coming to get me.

What changes would you make?

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