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Telemarketing Guide

1. Data is Paramount!!! It is the most important thing; Make sure your data is up to date; if not the campaign is as good as the quality of the data, and will most likely fail.You can buy defined data from many companies.  You can find ones that cover the sector you’re targeting here: 

2. Do you have information that can be sent if requested?
Be able to provide further information, either by word or PDF that can be emailed. This way you keep costs down, if they will not give out an email address the likelihood is they were not interested in the first place. This is sometimes a good indicator into whether this is a genuine prospect.


3. Who sends the email?
Your choice, either you can at the end of each day, or we can, but it will require you to set up an account for us that we can access online. Web-mail gives us the opportunity to send the info straight after the call so it’s fresh in their minds and your business looks efficient.


4. I think I’ll just test it for a few days.
Don’t bother. Telemarketing is not a quick fix, you need to put effort in to get the desired results, a few days tell you nothing. The first few days will be getting up and running, results tend to level out in the second week. Carrying out a Pipeline Management campaign requires no less than 20 days, we need this to generate a vast list of leads for the short, medium and long term.



5. How do I keep those leads fresh?One good way to keep potential clients informed is by newsletter once a month. This way they remember you, and you can keep them informed of any offers or changes. That way when you call back they will know who you are.


6. What about the strength of any Appointments / Leads I get?
Before you start any campaign agree the qualifying questions, what questions do you need answering before you can tell it’s a genuine interested party?. Timescale, Decision maker process, budget are just a few.


7. What is important when choosing a telemarketing company?
Same as any other, who are their clients, what is their experience, what are their staff like, will you have one person on your campaign throughout, or many different people.  If you are looking seriously at telemarketing you will need a budget of at the very least £2k, the average and more successful campaigns tend to be around the £4k mark


8. How often will I receive reports?
Most companies will do it every day, separating the main data and the Appointments/Leads so that it is easy for you to see the results.  You should look for flexibility with the telemarketing company on how the report. You may wish for any appointments to be emailed through straight away for example.

Written by Michael Jackson, EbonyBailey Marketing


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